Monday, March 15, 2010

Pottery at the Farmer's Market

Photo by Sarah Hall
Trial By Fire Pottery is starting back up with the Farmer's Market in Duncan, BC on the 20th of March. I will be at the market on saturdays from 9-2 selling my functional stoneware pottery to the public and the gallery is still open if you want to call for an appointment. I am very excited to see what people think of my new oval baking dishes, they are a 'stretch' for me from the round form but I think they look great.

I might be away from the Market for a few days this July if I am accepted into the summer workshop that I have applied for on Saltspring Island but I will let people know if I will be away. I would also like to thank Sarah for putting my website together for me, my photos pale alongside her masterpieces! (see the link to her flickr account)

One change at the Farmer's Market (i know the apostrophe is wrong in the name) is that I am now the President of the Market with a Board of 8 and an employee, so if I look a little tired it's just because I've lost a little sleep over things. Details will follow, trust me!

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  1. Hi Hilary -
    Checking my email like a kid at Christmas and still waiting hopefully for the little blurb on the Market that we talked about on the phone a couple of days ago.
    How many vendors? Hours of market? How would u recommend someone contact u for more info? Y'know, stuff like that