Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fresh Teapot with slip clay decoration

Photo was taken by Sarah Hall. Her photostream is availlable at: (lots more pottery pictures there along with her wonderful pics!!)
The teapots continue. This teapot was just out of my "damp shelving" that is completely sealed up in plastic to slow the drying time of the fresh work. In the summer it is like a desert around here and then in the winter the rains keep the ambient humidity between 70 and 100 percent. The teappots are a lot of work with the thrown bodies and lids on day one with the spouts thrown and handles pulled on day two for them to be trimmed and built up on day three. They are very popular at the Market and I pack them very carefully to get there. The big teapots get an extra, small handle to help the wrists of my customers with more friends than forearm muscle! (hahaha)


  1. such beautiful teapots - you must come and see my teapot garden at Whippletree - if you have any broken ones - you can honour them in this garden!!!
    See you Thursday

  2. And now there is a Hilary teapot growing in my teapot garden!