Friday, April 9, 2010

Maureen Wright Scholarship Judy Weeden Workshop

I have now read the letter six times! I can't believe that the scholarship group awarded me a bursary of $200, that has never happened before. I applied to attend 's summer workshop in July and then rode over there to meet her. She accepted my application and I paid the deposit to hold my space in her course. Judy suggested that I apply for a bursary to help with the costs of attendance and so I did. A long letter later and a month of waiting added up to me not hoping for a reply from the North-West Ceramics Foundation when today it arrived.

I will put the letter on my studio wall right now and send Judy a cheque for the amount of the bursary tomorrow! The course is $600 and I am able to camp out on her property and ride over so the ferry isn't too expensive (cars are ~$70, bikes are $11) I might have to come back for the Sidney Market on the Thursday evening and the Duncan Farmer's Market on the 2 Saturdays but a workshop with her will be such an opportunity to mature my work. I can't wait. Now to find the other $300 that I need for tuition and a bit of money for food....I want to start packing up the camp stove and sleeping bag right now, but it's only April!


  1. Think of abundance surrounding you.........congratulations!

  2. Congrats Hilary, I am so happy for you!! I know that you have been waiting for an opportunity to do something like this and i am glad that it has finally presented its self!