Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Working towards the Show

I am throwing a fresh run of pots that should be ready for my Solo Show on November 27/28. It is the first year I am having the show for two days, the last four years I have rented the Clements Centre for the saturday and then Dave, Sarah Hall, Amy Grue and Sean Reid have come out to help me put up the signs and unpack all of the pots and set them up on nice tablecloths in a way that makes sense. I thought about all the work that Dave and everyone had to do for the show when I was in Edmonton with Dad, and realized that it was time to have the sale for two days. Some shows like to have that sense of urgency, in that if you aren't there on the right day and time you will miss out but other people have suggested that a lot of people now work on saturdays. This will be an experiment and I will learn a lot from it either way.

I have to decide whether I am going to do the Providence Farm Christmas Show or go back up to Courtenay for the weekend show where I stay at the Riding Fool Hostel in Cumberland (I actually slept 13 hours straight there last year!! and was almost late for the show) I have been having a good year at the Duncan Farmer's Market and will be back there for the last few Saturdays in December for those late night local shopper people! Well, I must get back to work downstairs as the sun has come out and it is 22degrees so the pots are drying quickly making more room in the damp cupboard and more room to put fresh work. I also have to make a small batch of the raspberry glaze that I have complained about for the last few years for a special order of tiny cups that I threw a few weeks ago, this person wants the new batch of cups to be EXACTLY the same as the batch three years ago. Enough said, pottery evolves even more that I do.

The new post it note memo on the wedging wall of my studio (that I look at all day) says "CLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY!!" which I saw on the door of a pottery workshop on some one's blog, it made me laugh. Thank for reading again.

PS check out the huge up-side-down dog in the top of the photo below, very cute.

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