Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some days it is work

Today it feels like work. I got up and loaded the kiln with almost everything that I glazed yesterday and started it firing early in the day so that the sound of the down-draft kiln sucker wouldn't keep Dave awake. I reclaimed the usual bucket of scraps and sludge from the day before and wedged it into balls with some slightly stiff clay out of the box. I built three larger teapots up and squirted black clay slip onto one of them, carved the wild pattern into another and made tiny "dot flowers" on the third.

I made lunch for Dave and his buddy and then was back to work with the wedging and throwing of some mugs which didn't last long because the clay was a little too wet leaving a little too much clay lower in the pot, a rookie problem which results in heavy bottoms and lots of trimming.

I rode into town on the bike and went to the grocery store to get some more food and checked on my mugs at Coffee on the Moon. I hauled the food back up Sherman Road and made the boys beef dip and a veggie burger for myself.

Then it was back downstairs for some more clay time before I take a little time to update people on all the preparation I have been doing for the christmas season and my Solo Show. I am going to get some sleep and then I want to take in the show at the local "Cowichan Valley Arts Council" storefront where Cathi Jeferson has her huge pieces installed for this month. It would appear from the note on the door that the Council is unable to continue to rent the space and will discontinue doing so. More on possible solutions in a future blog. For now, I am off to bed and hopefully the clay I wedged and bagged today will be a little stiffer so I can throw it into mugs and berry bowls in the morning. Night all.

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