Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Show update

Okay, it's Monday morning and I am having a coffee with Dave and the dogs in our usual slow morning way. I am going to unpack my weekend show tubs and then prepare a huge load of dry ware to fire today. I am also working on my speech for tonight's AGM for the Duncan Farmer's Market and I still haven't decided what to make for the potluck.

We are going to vote on adopting a new Code of Conduct that two of our very seasoned Board Members have drafted, if it passes tonight we will be able to let people know that we are very serious about being warm and kind towards everyone involved with the Market. Such huge changes in the Market since someone decided to nominate me for 'prez', and it is truly gratifying to see that I was able to withstand all the shouting until people started to really listen and now there is so much respect at the market and meetings. The real issue here is WHAT am I going to cook for tonight??

The Christmas Chaos 4 days were such a huge chunk of time and really stretched my patience! It was the endless conversation and crap lighting that wore me down and sweet Dave came in with a coffee and treat on Friday and then came to help me pack up and load the car after things were all done. The show was really good as far as sales went and I gave out a lot on invitations to my SOLO SHOW so hopefully a lot of people will attend that. Speaking of that I have to make more posters and take them everywhere on the bike and phone the papers to order the ad. I had a request from the Valley Voice Magazine to ask if they could send a photographer to my show to get a set of shots of my work for the upcoming year! How lovely, and they want an article for the December voice about buying gifts at the Market, I'll get to that when I have a few minutes.

Thanks for stopping by to catch up with me and I will upload some more photos to the blog in the coming days, now back to the salt mines, hahahahahahaa. I love being a potter!!

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