Monday, November 22, 2010

The Week of my Solo Show

Amazingly the rain has changed to a bright, sharp crunchy state that sticks to everything!! It is making the roads quite challenging and a lot of confused people are driving around faster than usual and more aggressively as this reduces collisions and deaths, but it puts my cycling a little higher on the insurance rating. (hahaha)
I am putting up the Show Posters all over town at Coffee on the Moon and Black Coffee at Whippletree where they graciously babysit a small family of mugs until the public decides to adopt one of them, then they babysit my money until I ride down there on my bike to pick it up! It doesn't get better than that!!!!
I am looking for paper bags for the show this weekend and am madly packing up EVERYTHING in the gallery. There is a gorgeous huge jug that I have never taken out of the house that will be packed up and be taken to my Solo Show for the public to see.
I have already been working on different pots for next year. I threw a slab on the wedging table and slumped it over a 9X13 glass pan and then built a box into a slab/slump mould and then built up another baking pan over that. They flip over off the form by holding a ware board on top then flipping them over quickly while considering the weight carefully with the hand that holds the top board.
I will take lots of photos of the Show and put them up right away!! I hope to see you all at the Show this weekend and I don't expect everyone to buy something as it means a lot to me for people to attend the event as you would any other art show.

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