Thursday, November 25, 2010

Where is the Show?

The photo op made me laugh! I was touching up the signs from the last few years and giving the black some time to dry and when I turned around I knew I HAD to take a picture. This is really how I feel about the show this weekend, things are everywhere and I can't seem to accomplish anything.

I went out to Black Coffee at Whippletree today and chatted with Russ who bought the coffee shop maybe a year ago and he was holding and commenting on each of the mugs he uses of mine. He was holding one of the new ones that I had delivered and he said that the mugs make him happy. It isn't common for me to blush from the inside with pride and humility at the same time. I was totally honoured that he felt so much towards my little mug 'babies' and I reach for that thought like a warm kitten lying on the couch beside me, and it re-warms me each time I find that comment.

Also, tonight I had a phone call from Barbara Sobon, a decorator and paper artist, who was offering to help me set up my show!! Who volounteers for that sort of thing?? I was again humbled and warmed all at once. Such a great day for me, I hope someone sends a little bit of positive energy to you today.

See you all at the show!

1 comment:

  1. Wait... I remember those signs! I destinctly remember a fun night of getting high on marker making those!
    Looking forward to comming by on Saturday
    See you Saturday afternoon!