Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quick Photo Update

Hello Pottery Friends,

This is a photo of the display that we set up for my Solo Show in November. Barbara Sobon spent quite a few hours on the friday night helping place the pots and Dave and I adjusted all the tables while pots left for a new home and needed to be snugged up. I have to go out in the rain and muck to take some pots to Coffee on the Moon and Black Coffee out at Whippletree Junction. The whole ride is about 20kms and we are getting about 50ml of rain today and I will have to rinse off my bike and oil it again after last night's deep clean. As I have said many takes a very secure woman to wear poofy blue rubber pants out in public. I will take a photo of the extra large teapot that I made last night, it seemed to need a couple of squares on it to complete it. Stay warm and try to relax this last few days before merry ho ho!

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