Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Long Ride and a Warm Lunch

I am working today on fixing the blue glaze that has been aggravating me for the last few months. It doesn't cover evenly and is incredibly sensitive to the moisture in the bisque from the first dip. I am going to make a X100 Factor batch into the glaze tub of blue with the recipe that worked very well for the last few years. I am going to start with a little less water and make some small pieces up in the glaze to see how it is working.

I went out to Franziska's for lunch, it was around 19kms out there on the bike and took around an hour 10, I left early not knowing how long it would take so I got there a little early and enjoyed some time working on the fire in the wood stove. We talked and laughed for a few hours over a wonderful soup and roasted veggie quesadillas and then over the wheel. I tried to help out by showing her my system to center "through" the clay and then had to leave to ride home while there was still light out. She lives way out of town and without any lights the gravel and seal-coated road was a little scary. The light on my bike is quite useless for showing the way but makes it easier to see me on the road.

The sunset was the most silly colour of rosy fuscia pink and spilled over the mountain I was riding around. I made it home in under an hour as her description of the way to her house as 'up hill all the way' was bang on and therefore, downhill all the way home.

I ended the day by trimming and handling a little group of tea bowls after a really hot shower and then slept like a dog.

Well, back to the glaze room and finally today I am going to glaze all 109 bisque pots that are all carefully waxed and organized taking up all the room in my gallery and glaze room, photos to follow!! talk soon. H

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