Wednesday, January 12, 2011

turn over a new photo

I am thinking of having a very talented photographer take some photos of my work. I have taken some shots myself, with varying degrees of success and have posted them on my bcpg profile. I have thought about it before but it is really hard to nail down which pots would best represent the wide diversity of my work.

But, that is just half the battle, the other half is to find a great photographer that can really see my work, it's shape and colours and make it look like it actually looks when it is in your house! I can't stand all those shots that make the pot look like it is floating in outerspace, presumably just having arrived. I want the pots to look like they should be embraced, cuddled almost, like a close stone friend.
Above is a shot Kurt Knock ( ) took (with careful dave driving) of me with my trailer loaded for the Market. I need to think about costs per photo and which pots would represent me and my pots over the long term. There is a recipe book of the food prepared at Whitewater and those photos are the ones that I really love!!

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