Monday, February 28, 2011

Another day, another meeting. I am working on these oil jars today, the first photo is of the fatter bottom ones that are taking a bit longer to set up hard enough to handle, the second photo is of the trimmed ones with the beginning of the stoppers that are being built into the spout so that each one fits the opening/spout exactly, and the third one is of the almost finished oil/vinegar jars that I worked on a few days ago. They will need a little fine tuning around the stopper handle and then they take a couple of weeks to dry very slowly as they are a closed form with the lids in place. The tiny post handle would dry too quickly if seperated (trust me, i've tried it) so I leave them assembled in the damp cupboard for a week and then take them out to air dry for another long time before I bisque fire them.

Once this is done, I am going to ride over to the Muni Office and pick up the large banner that they put up on the highway for us, then to help a friend for three hours (bagging, don't ask) and then to a Board Meeting where I get to introduce the Market Manager that we interviewed for two weeks ago. She goes on the clock to start work for us tomorrow and I think that she is really the best organizational fit we could have hoped for! Also, we both think that when she and I have meetings to chat about how the Market needs to be handled, we will take our dogs out on the AMAZING new walking trail that our Regional District just built for us!! How much better a meeting can you get than out in nature letting the conversation flow??

I went to the Taxes for the Artist Workshop in Victoria yesterday and hit some of the heaviest snow and rain with 3-4 inches of slush on the highway one the drive home. The combo of huge snow flakes, thick fog (from sublimation) and heavy large bore rain smacking into the car made for a 30km/hour pace up the Malahat. Add in a few stupid people who think they should be ahead of you who pass and then realize that they can't see the road (or the lines or reflective bumpies) and then drive at 30km/hour too, and it was a fun drive home. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was one of the few artists that actually honours the tax system and my depth of understanding is from reading and preparing the tax stuff by hand and for myself. It was nice to be reminded what a little hard work and organization can do for one's peace of mind.

Thought of the day.... CBC had a description of the Libian military tanks being abandoned and spray painted with peace signs, painted pink and covered with flowers..... this warmed my soul.

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