Thursday, April 7, 2011

CVAC Art Show Gift Shop

I am in the gift shop in the building beside the art show that is this thursday(10-8),friday (10-8), saturday (10-5) and sunday (11-4). This venue is at the Native Cultural Centre beside VIU and across from super--store in Duncan. I have a lot of my really big bowls there and a wider selection than I usually take to the DFM as there was more room on the bike trailer with out the tables and tent!!!

I am not about to complain so I will just say that I knit A LOT on my new sweater today.

A photo of the bowls for Hilary's Cheese.

I have to go pick out something different to wear tomorrow and get another ball of wool. Apparently, when people see you two days in a row they expect that you will not be wearing the same clothes the second day! Go figure, talk soon.

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