Wednesday, April 13, 2011

get back on the bike

I have to head out today to pick up the DFM banner from the sign shop who was putting a 9 on it where the 10 was. Then I am off to take some fresh mugs out, a funny idea because the mugs could last about ten thousand years and they just came out of the kiln. I have to go to the bank and do chores in general. So I had a coffee powered cruise through the website I love called cycle chic, the original from Copenhagen. There half a million people ride bikes of all kinds to work and play everyday, in every kind of clothing, facing every type of weather and a wonderful webguy has been taking and collecting millions of photos of the city full of bikes.
{the wonderful photo above is by Kurt Knock}

It is truly inspiring, in fact enough for me to go put on my bike pants and the new water proof bag that Robin gave me, he just opened a new bike shop here in Duncan and had this bag hanging around for a while, so when he saw me beating the crap out of my larger waterproof bag, he went home and took the bag out to the next race that race dave was going to attend and asked him to give it to me!! How sweet. His new bike shop is at at the south end of town before the silver bridge and is having a spring tune up special for $20.

I have had to pick up and dust off my soul after a very long hard weekend with lots of sitting around staring at my pots without anyone buying them. The Market was great, as always, but the art show was an exercise in futility and stubbornness, staying put for 36 hours and then packing up everything and hauling it back up the sherman road hill. It is time to shake off the weekend funk and take over again! That starts with the bike pants......and a great peruse through a photo gallery of cyclists!! Okay, now back to work, this morning I am starting the smaller kiln (sputnik) as the large kiln (shuttle) is too hot to unload, still at 650 degrees from last night's firing.

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