Friday, May 20, 2011

bisque or pasta bowls

photo is of a fresh 16.5 inch platter

Back in the studio working on the low, wide pasta bowls that people keep asking for. These little suckers have to be thrown flat like a plate with an exagerated amount of clay for the lip and then have their extra wide lip pulled down dry (with the throwing slip removed) so they are stiff enough to stay up. I have two orders for them so I made a bunch of attempts in different weights of clay (800, 1000,1200 and 1400 grams) to see what works and get some practice.

I will finish them glaze and fire them and then let the people who have ordered some have a look and decide what they like or dislike about them. I wrote the weight on the bottoms of them so that when they pick out a size I can work backwards from the finished piece.

This has inspired me to throw some very large platters and even ovalate one of them!! Hope you enjoy the photos and I may have a large platter or two done soon. We'll see if I like the finished product and if the cut and rejoined section survives the process. If not, I have a few very large planters that are in need of a water plate under them.

See you at the Market tomorrow, rain or shine, bike shoes on!!!

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