Tuesday, May 3, 2011

utah, hot

Well, here I sit in the shade of our big tent, the one we bought when we used to camp a lot and wanted to start car camping after so much backpacking had soured 'hike dave' a bit. It has a tiny awning with tiny poles and the big pink maui towel is providing shade for myself and the dogs.

Race dave is out for a spin to do the run course, it's a 2 lap course so about a 20km ride to spin and feel the bike. It might go without saying for some of you but i am finding southern utah a little hot! We are paying close attention to the sun so that we don't get burned and i am trying to maintain the dogs at a healthy temperature. The lovely yard kid left the hose sprinkler on so the dogs could play in it fetching the ball! I was a little concerned that they would forget and let the built in sprinklers go while our tent is directly between two of the water heads!! (they assured us they would be turned off while we were on the lawn)

Contrary to the popular stereotype, we have had very sweet interactions with the locals we have run into south of the line. The first walked over to our little picnic area outside a big mall and told us that he apologized in advance for the sound his vehicle would make in disturbing us once he started it. How sweet was that? Then we met a guy who worked at a tire shop and was on a break when he stopped to look a little closer at our tire. He said that there was something wrong with them because there was a black mark around them so I checked the pressure and saw that they were WAY over pressure from when we had switched over to the summer tires a week or two ago!! I was very unimpressed with the shop, strangely enough these are the same guys who mounted our $200+ winter tires on backwards right before we drove all the way to calgary!! Needless to say, we should have checked them and they should have put them on with the correct pressure or at least something close.

I am going to tidy up the campsite (with positively the nicest grass I have ever pitched a tent on) and get into a swimsuit so that we can take a dip in the pool when mr aero helmet gets back from the run course.

I must also say that the mugs (the second attempt) joined the bowls for Hilary and Patti Abbott of Hilary's Cheese and went home saturday afternoon and I have just received my next dinner set order so that gives me a task to focus on when we get back from our little road trip.....and talking to ameri can s---nicely!

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