Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bike Stolen

Someone came into my carport last night and stole my bike after attempting to cut the lock twice the third time was a charm!! How awful. That bike wasn't even worth much used but to replace it is a very difficult thing as the gearing has to be just perfect so that my knees don't explode and hurt for the rest of my life.

I am very sad and angry. This was not a recreational vehicle or a luxury, this is the only way that our little home runs with one car. I have to ride a bike thousands of kilometers to pay it off in money saved that would have been spent of a vehicle.

On the funnier side, however, they did not steal my trailer, market tent or the crate full of carefully cleaned and restored running shoes that I was going to take down to the local homeless shelter to help out. They are all stored locked up inside now in case someone else takes an interest in my few hard earned possessions.

Also, a quick note to the thief if they should decide to google the name on the shingle in front of the house, you forgot the bike computer so call or email and we can get that to you free of charge.
Any of you bike lovers out there will notice the bike in photo three is actually red. It is the bike before the specialized and shows how fully integrated cycling is in my life. Snow:schmow!! Ride anyways!!!

As many of you can imagine there a re few photos of the now dead bike and I will be cycling in all black for the next month if I can find another bike. Meanwhile, I am walking (angrily) or gawd forbid taking the car to the Markets :~{

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