Monday, June 13, 2011

This Neighbourhood

Ironically this photo from last year of the front yard has the orange crate visible on the pottery shelf.

Handy dave and i have been working on the house in preparation of my parents visit and needed to purge some stuff out of our two spare rooms. We each have our own spare room, mine is clean for sewing and wool and race dave's is dirty with bikes and bike stuff. We are switching them so that my clean room will be the guest room as it has a tiny bathroom for the people who stay over. In two days we emptied the room, removed the carpet and underlay, patched the walls (badly i might say my skills are very rusty), painted twice, laid the new underlay and built the laminate floor, painted and replaced the baseboards, painted the closet and bedroom doors, and put things back in there set up for guests.

Today we take the other room apart and build the floor, then when nurse dave goes to work i will paint and then trim and handle a batch of mugs.

We put a big orange crate of books out on the curb that we had read and re-read and wanted to share with others. Now, our street has had quite a long history since it was built in 1967, and the diversity in age, race and socioeconomic status is quite wide. I was so impressed that everyone came by and picked up a book or two for the first day and tucked it under their arm with a smile. We were working on the guest room and saw that there were only a few books left at night so we left them over night. When i got home after the Market the next day i found that someone had seem the orange crate empty on the curb and assumed it was homeless and took it home.

I out a clay box in it's place with a sticky note asking for the orange crate back and waited. The very next morning it was back there on the curb!!!

I am so impressed! Well, back to work on the room and then trimming and handling the mugs waiting in the damp cupboard. ttyl

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  1. Wow! Congrats on all the work! your neighbourhood is pretty cool..