Monday, June 6, 2011

We are so lucky to live here

Photo is from a group of people who get together to weave and knit and sip out of the mugs they have fallen in love with. Leola was kind enough to take the photo and send it along for everyone to see. Thank you so much!!

Apparently someone has cancelled the daily dose of rain and cloudy skies in favour of a little sun and some heat to finally please my tomatoes and pepper plants. I spent all of sunday in the garden building up the soil into raised beds and planting but I only got through one half of the overall garden. I took a break to ride down to star-bicks to get a load of coffee grounds and discovered that one of the three has gone to a no plastic bag policy and the other one is now using biodegradable ones. Without a shovel and sealed container for the loose grounds and filters I was out of luck so I had to settle for 8 bags from the other store.
They are a strong nitrogen fertilizer and I mix them with my clay soil and top dress various areas around the gardens but they also confuse a lot of bugs that are looking for your seeds or small plants as a place to lay their young. Apparently, the carrot fly isn't looking to your local coffee shop as a place to put it's offspring, go figure. It was a bit of work to haul them up the hill but I had a small and lively cheering section of possibly inebriated people to encourage me on the climb loaded down.
I made a batch of french style butter dishes in the middle of last week and trimmed them friday night and did the surface effects on sunday night and took them out of the damp cupboard today. The sunshine has completely changed my throwing to trimming schedule and I have to adjust myself accordingly. This area of the island is so vastly different from the rainy season to the dry season that it boggles the mind. Our lawn shrinks back from the curbs and sidewalk about 8cm during the summer!! We have been saying that we will install a couple of fans and another screen door in the house for many years now but this may just be the year.
I had a student today that is just a lovely little person and very steady in herself. It is nice to see. I also have a Board meeting tonight with a few things that really need to be decided, it is just so nice to have the discussion and then debate and then a decision and all the fallout after that. It is clean and we can move on to the next thing.
"Mondays off dave" took me down to the river today and we played in the water with the dogs for as long as we could take the sun. The water around here is SO clean you can make out every scale on each fish and all the little bugs and creatures that live under there. We went out for lunch and then came home and now I am sitting on the back porch in the shade with the cat and a nice breeze. The melting blended coffee drink is forming a little puddle on the table and the laundry is hanging heavily on the line.
We are so lucky. Now I must re-read the "non inspected kitchen low risk food at farmers' markets" policy from our neighbour market in preparation for tonight's meeting and then have some rice and get down to the meeting. Have a great day and let the sun touch you today.

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