Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art Exhibition in Portals Gallery

Photo of 'day off dave' and the dogs at cherry point beach taken by me.

Yesterday, Franziska and Julie met me at the Island Savings Centre to build a show that shared the gallery space between the three of us. Franziska is a surface focused potter, she takes photos of the natural world and (using her mac) she can isolate the item she wants and then using magic she applies this photo to her pottery! I have NO IDEA how she does this, she has to fire the decal photo thingy in a lower firing after the piece has been done so her work is fired three or more (up to 6) times. The results are just beautiful.

Julie Nygaard is a photographer who starts with the photo and works towards a built image. Her work is strong with varied surfaces (some photos are printed on canvas) with a lot of interest added to the display with found objects.

The three of us have put together a risky show with lots of pots perched precariously on a wooden bridge and on the floor tipped off a log!! The background is made of old wooden crates and rough one side cut wood panels. It is a very cool show and it's free to walk through and have a look. The Portals Gallery is inside the Island Savings Community Centre right beside the Library in Duncan and in the same building that has the world's largest hockey stick and puck gracing it's east face.

We will hang around the show at different times over the next two weeks, the gallery is open from 10-5 M-F. email me for any details required trialbyfirepottery@hotmail.com

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