Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Busy Sunday

This will be a very short blog post as today is a busy one for me. I have the bike shop friends over for dinner today and some riding before hand to enhance the appetite. I have to tidy the house and clean the bathroom, among the trimming that has to happen, i also have a lesson at 1pm.

Bike dave and i finally did the loop around Shawnigan Lake yesterday with an extra 10 km for him then he had to chase me down and we rode most of it together with the final tally at 70 for the new bike. It handles really well and is set up very well for me, dave noticed that i pedal with my right foot sticking way out for some unknown reason!!! You actually have to watch me for quite a while to see all the habits i have formed and he was able to correct the foot thing (which will take a million hours of self correction to change it) and also when i stand up i get into the hips a lot instead of keeping the same leg rotation. It was nice to spend 3 hours with bike dave and what a great guy to draft off of!! I just sat in his draw and got pulled along, what a blast.

The 30 mugs in the damp cupboard may be close to getting out of there to dry some more today. The 4 huge casserole dishes I threw mid-week need to be trimmed today and i am going to try putting some really simple handle lugs on a few of them. Normally i don't put handles on them because they are thrown so the sides are quite flared out and easy to pick up but it's time for an experiment.

The photo is of a public art installation in Vancouver, which can be identified in the picture by the city woman wearing all black and the overcast sky(clear from the lack of any shadows despite it being the middle of the day). It is a WONDERFUL piece and should be enjoyed if you are ever in Yale--town.

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