Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday morning again. We are wrapping up coffee/underpants time with our new teen aged kitten who just showed up last week, and there is a pile of work staring at us this week. Laundry, (once the basket is completely buried a small alarm goes off that laundry landslide is imminent) a kiln full of bisque, gardens to weed and harvest peas, black currants to pick, driving to Victoria on Friday, errands in town, getting a book called "Thrown" that was reviewed by the BC Potters' Guild, cleaning the house, two markets (Sidney:Thursday and DFM:Saturday) and I am running out of time to throw work that will be ready in time for Arts on the Avenue. The photo is last year's show poster, can you find my picture in there?? row two column four.

I also have to clean the litter-box everyday as the new kitty is in the process of de-worming. I had no idea such terrible.......enough said!!

The summer has finally arrived and plants are growing audibly in the swelter. I have a few huge tomatoes on one of the plants and the rest are working hard to catch up. The garden is a blend of soil and clay which has it's challenges but also needs VERY little water as it is held there for a long time. We are in sunlight management mode with open upstairs windows all night with fans drawing in the colder outside air and then shut tight during the day to conserve the coolness we collected.

In the studio today I am throwing a batch of my tiny bowls off the hump to fill in the kiln shelves amongst the chip platters and bowl sets that I am trying to fire efficiently.

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