Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Meal with a Friend and Thoughts on the "Shows"

Today 'day-off-dave' and i prepared a meal for a friend who would have been on her own for thanksgiving and took things out there and threw it in the oven and finished up mixing the desserts (yup, two desserts) and then went out for a walk around with the dog herd.

It was nice to head out for the day and we always have a lot of laughs when we are together. Dave went out to the garden and picked a few things for me while i was prepping and chopping food, it is a proud moment to see your food brought in from your backyard.

Tomorrow race dave is going to a cross-race with his friends and i have a long busy day in the studio. There is more than enough work to fill the big kiln and a batt full of mugs to trim and handle and so many things to throw that still have a chance of being ready for the start of the pay-your-mortgage-in-february shows.

I can't say enough how much it means to me that lots of people are choosing to shop locally for handmade items to bring home for Christmas!! What is says to myself and a lot of my fellow artisans is that people wake up one day and think of me, not just my pottery or my wool-clad form at the Farmers' Market but that artists face the same costs of living everyone else does. We are part of society and usually contribute in many ways other that our art, whether we are volounteering, growing our own food or spending time working on the next generation. When i come away from a good day at a craft show (especially my Solo Show) i feel like other people find value in the pretty little stack of bowls and that they feel good giving a loved one a large bowl in which to make bread others.

The fresh awareness about the power of consumers and them turning their focus towards the "local world" is beautiful and will be on my studio wall tomorrow as i work. i will think about everyone who would really like to find that perfect mug for their dad (tea mug, beer mug, coffee mug) so they can buy a gift that reflects something about him (instead of a tie, socks, tool belt) and also meet a real-live artist all at the same time.

Off to bed, or maybe another small piece of the un-recipe pumpkin cheesecake and then off to bed. The cake option will require at least an hour cycle tomorrow which will seem epic in the torrential downpour they are calling for...and some people wondered how i fill my days.....pots/cycling/yummy food/repeat! talk soon.hh (ps: i am also fermenting some tomatoe seeds for next year.....with a lid to keep the smell down... hee hee)

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