Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6th Annual Solo Pottery Show Summary

The show was so amazing this year and i wanted to say thank you to those of you who travelled from far away to come and join us!! A couple from Nanaimo drove down and bought a few pots and then ordered a long tray for serving fish (amongst other things) and i will be working on that in the new year.

A friend who works in Parksville with clay distribution drove down to see the show and to tell me how 'bold' it is to have a one woman show!! She also found my last wine goblet and highlighted the need for me to start making them again.....January.

One of my most dedicated customers drove up from Sidney to have a look and find some lovely gifts for friends and family, and yes i am still working on her order of mugs and funky deep dish plates (soon). ;~)

A whole crowd of local collectors came out to see what i've been up to for the last year or so and a lot of the flawed work went. It is such a great match to let go of those flawed pots making room in the gallery while sending people home with a pot that makes them smile.

A local person who has a lot of my work was able to adopt one of my baby peace lilies as well as find a nice mug for a friend. There were also quite a few people who just stopped by for a look because of the signs that handy dave helped put up again this year.

My cycling friends, Dave and Sandra Beggs came by and found the perfect clay flower pot for her christmas amaryllis and potted it the same day so we could see it that night when we all went over for a potluck.

Franziska came by and kept us company and exercised our dogs for us then ended up staying for a bit and helping pack up the first run of pots!

It was so nice to see everyone and say good-bye to lots of pots and i was happy to listen to all the comments about how people have become fond of the clay work that they have purchased from me or have been given by a loved one.

I will definitely be having the 7th Annual Solo Show next year!

The Studio will be open a lot more this year during December as i have made some "open studio" signs and will be home working. See you all soon.

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