Sunday, November 20, 2011

6th Annual Solo Pottery Show

It's time for my 6th Annual Solo Pottery Show. This weekend, November 26th and 27th, from 10am until 5pm, both days. It is at the Clements Centre on Clements Street in Duncan, just one block west of the Library off James Street.

All the pots will be there, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 400 and there will be a few "seconds" on a table there too. Seconds are odd pots that i don't like, pots that are flawed or pots that i no longer make and just want to be free of. Seconds are only a few dollars or sometimes free with another purchase.

If you would like a 10% off coupon, they are in the mugs at both Coffee on the Moon and Black Coffee or you can just let me know that you read my blog and saw that there were coupons out there but didn't find one!

Look for the huge signs out on Saturday and Sunday and posters around town. See you all there!

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