Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cycle Therapy Helps with Pottery Show

At this time of year, there is a but of a lump in my throat as i am packing up ALL of my pots and will ask for help (gulp!) and then set up and display hundreds of pots in one place. Every pot i have, no reserves at a gallery, no ugly 'seconds' sitting dusty on the bottom shelf of my gallery, everything out there for everyone to see. It's nerve-racking.
the photo is of the naked teapots that are now finished and will be at the show this weekend, notice the new lid/handle design on two of them

However, i just realized that for most people there isn't a final show, or a room full of shiny work, there is just a week or two of vacation and another year of payments made. It can be a beautiful moment to breathe in the sight of one's hard the feeling that comes over me when i go out and lift the glass pane off the soil bed (that i have been building for the last 6 years) and find that the corn actually germinated and little corn grasses are pushing through.

My amazing friend, Sandra Beggs, is coming over tomorrow to help with another car and several hours of unpacking pots and when we fall down with exhaustion, i will try to retain my usual smile and recognise the amazing opportunity to look over a year's worth of creations.

I am so lucky to be able to make pots full time and to have friends offer to help, some are bringing cookies, some will help take down and handy dave will be there to wrap up purchases for the entire weekend!

Thank you everyone for helping me pull this weekend together!

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  1. Good luck with your show and sale Hillary - as you say goodbye to your years work - you open shelves for more - looking forward to a studio visit for some pointers one day!