Friday, December 9, 2011

want to cruise the market in stylish wool?

The City Square is packed tomorrow, a feat never heard of before the market merger and such a welcome addition to our tiny city. Now all we need is some happy seasonal shoppers to join us and everything is perfect. I have some really nice work in the studio and am happy to bring it to the Market as the hours have changed to a 10 am start so there is some time to burn off the frosty icy streets before everyone gets there. I will be riding home after i pack up at 2pm and then anyone who is looking for beautiful, unique affordable clay work can come to my studio and browse without freezing to the ground!! heehee

I would also like to thank "calfornia dave" for the lovely order of a bowl (many of you picked it up and wanted it) it was shipped to your sister today and we sprinkled a little magic over it (besides double packing it, an old potters' trick) and we hope it adds to her new home her in the 'great white north'. Thank you for keeping my pottery in mind from so far away.

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