Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Take a break

The studio is still humming along, i threw 8 low wide pasta bowls yesterday, loaded the kiln and prepped clay for a set of small cups for a customer. i need to unload the bisque today and wax, glaze and reload the big girl so i can get a few orders out before we go over to vancouver this weekend. i have almost finished the second last plate set of the winter (just one more plate to fire then i will call them) the last set will likely be done when i get back as they are in the bisque load in the kiln right now but i can't fire a dozen plates in one glaze load.

Things are getting a little more complex because i will have to wear a large sign around my neck that says "CONFRONT ME IF I DON'T ASK FOR HELP" i will need to ask dave to pick up bags of clay from the floor to put them on my wedging table, i will need him to help me load the kiln as the shelves are 2 feet across and very heavy, i will need to not hang up my bike on the wall.

i am not that good at taking things easy, asking for help or waiting for someone to come home before starting the project on my mind. at the same time it is really important that my body is given lots of time off to take care of itself. So far things have been pretty smooth and i have been cutting back a bit on the daily exercise to wean myself off but we are taking my bike over to vancouver with us so we can still go out and maybe ride around the sea-wall nice and easy!

The studio work will be shut down while i am away but we have asked friends to take fresh mugs to Coffee on the Moon when they sell. . I have called people who's work is ready to make a date to pick up their pots . Now I need to relax and find a way to sit down with my projects and let everything else go.
I can say that the injections are unpleasant but not unbearable and I have some neat knitting projects to finish.

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