Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life is Work

Work is life, maybe. Life is work, definately. I have been in the studio a lot these past months, throwing work and then following through the process until i can finally sell my sweet pots to the public. The dinner set custom orders are going out the door on a regular basis and i need more mugs and bowls than i have been able to create. It is a great feeling that there is a lot of demand for the pots but also it creeps up on me and then one day i am in the gallery and look around to see that the boards are pretty bare!
The biggest hurdle i have recently lept is to make a full knot in the handle of my dome style butter dishes. This requires a lot of fiddling and in an odd twist of events it needed slightly stiffer pulled handles to make it work. I will add a photo of these knotted handles but please be patient as almost all of them are presold from the early photos that i posted on facebook.
Dave spent half a day helping deconstruct my glaze studio last week, refilling my dry materials tubs and putting the less used dry materials in the "deeper storage" area, so there is a very streamlined area to work. We were getting a new freezer that is upright so when you open the door you can see everything and when you bring *grifted* fruit to store it has a special accesible place to go. The downside to this was that it had to go in my tinyglaze space which meant that we were getting rid of the work table that i made years ago.
The compromises were to add a shelf, cut a shelf shorter and move the other inhabitant items of the space around to give me as much floor space as possible. I have been using my colapsible tables for glaze days and waxing, which may seem like a pain in the butt, however it gives me weekly deadlines as the tables have to be packed up for use at the Markets.
Okay, here i go back to the studio, a few hours of waxing pots, then i have to seive my blue glaze as the tiny balls are getting out of hand, then to glaze 61 pots from yesterday's firing. I will load the big kiln today and then go back to the wheel for some more throwing. My newly swollen feet are better in the mornings so i have to get down there early in the day as the dark brings on shooting, burning foot pain only relieved by elevating them on my new chair. (Aside* shopper dave found the exact gliding rocker i wanted for $40 online!! it was $1200 new in a shop~just needed a wipe down and so comfy!)
Sorry garden.....the weeds will have to wait another few days.

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