Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Where do pots come from?

A conversation with a dear friend the other day has stuck in my head. They asked if I was quitting work to go on a maternity leave or if my husband was "making" me go back to work in the studio. Now, as a feminist, my husband has never tried to be 'in charge' of me or of our marriage. As a feminist, I do what I need and/or want to do and always have.
When I decided to become single with house payments in my early twenties, I realized that my crappy job wasn't going to cover my expenses. So I asked everyone who came into the gas station if they knew of a better job that I could apply for. It was the start of my oil-patch working life which paid very well and made me eligible for the loan that I needed to take over complete ownership of my house.
When I realized, in university, that my awful mark (B-) in statistics meant that I would likely not be able to get into medical school, I reassessed my life with hubby's help and decided to try to become a firefighter instead. This lead to years of physical fitness demands that would make an average person quake in their boots!
When Dave and I figured out that we would starve to death long before he finished his nursing degree, I decided to get a job driving a school bus which provided my class two license and was a paying job which left lots of time for working on my fitness in preparation for the CFD entrance exams. It also had the added bonus of paying for food!
On the other hand, when my soul fell out of my body, hubby was completely willing to scrape me up off the pavement, pack up the house, sell it, find a new one on the island, move us in, find a job here, and love me back to life. This re-finding my soul took at least a year, surely a year of hell for mr. who had to leave for work everyday and hope I would still exist when he got home.

This is the long way around to saying that pots flow out of me. I think about them and work through ideas all the time. I am also very aware of how the world works and I have agreed to pay for a certain portion of the costs of living that I consume. Pottery is both a calling and a job, it exists from passion and out of a need to provide for myself and my new family.

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  1. Well said I especially like where you say that pottery flows out of you!