Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day to Day

this studio pottery life has seen such changes in the past year. our little giant baby has found a way to be covered in clay for the first time today as he was crawling around and got stuck in the shelving beside my wheel. his squeal brought swift action from potter momma and i rescued and reassured him without thought of my muddy hands. daddy noticed right away when he got home from his ride that giant totty was showing signs of getting a little too close to the mud. 
we negotiate about everything. i can 'buy' some blocks of time from parental duty during naps and by trading time with race-training-hubby. i buy small blocks of time from totty by doing chores in the garden and yard later in the day so he sleeps a bit earlier, that way i can spend some time later in the evening down in the studio.
today i threw a huge bowl (5 kilos) in two stages-- one while he was amusing himself on the floor with the spatula--and two while totty and daddy were having special play time just before he went to work---the clay was centred in the first sitting and then thrown a few hours later and even later yet i went back down and took it off the wheel and trimmed the bowls from yesterday.
such a sweet life

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