Tuesday, October 8, 2013

when do i have enough pots for the show?

I have been making some very specific pots lately. time is very limited and i have both orders for customers as well as seasonal show preperation. the work i make for orders is always waiting for sixty other pots to join them in the kiln before they can get fired. this year i set out to make batches of specific pots so i would have a wide variety when the craft show season started. i didn't do the local show (christmas chaos at the local rec centre) because i was 9 months pregnant when it was on and had the forethought to know that i would either be HUGE or post partum and not in show shape in either case.
     I have signed up for "Christmas Chaos" at the Island Savings Centre on James Street in Duncan, november 14/15/16/17. The show runs from 12-8pm thursday and friday and 10-5 on saturday and sunday. This year we have a new challenge. Toddlers and breakables are an intense match espeially when i will be trying to pack in about 200 pots and there will be at least 150 other folks packing in their stuff at the same time. More details to follow....  :)

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