Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to Be a Potter and a Mom

A perfect day in my life has a lot to do with what gets done. It is a simple fact of the way I am put together. I like to knock little things off my list all day which gives me an energy boost to move on and get the next thing done. The best way for me to get moving through chores with the tiny man is to choose times to start when he is ready for adventure, fed, clean bum and fresh off a nap. We spend a lot of time in the yard these days which gives me lots of time to garden. The tot will march back and forth around the yard giggling with the puppies and upsetting the gravel. I have primed the garden for a great year with the first set (of many) overwelming weeds is just sprouting :( 

When I need to throw pots, I try to plan a bit ahead so I break the work into parts and negotiate for time. I will cut up and wedge clay the night before so I am able to sit down and start throwing the minute he goes to sleep.  The tot goes to bed at different times between 10am and 2pm so I try not to get my knickers in a knot if I can't get started at a particular time. I will then throw a small batch of pots that I know I can trim later without running out of time. Throwing same weight balls into similar batches also helps my work be more consitant and pleasing in sets. 

The other little bit of magic in getting things done is that Hubby takes the toddler on long runs in the chariot too so I can get uninterupted blocks of time. He also has the little man every saturday (and has had him those days since the very beginning) so I can sell pots at the Farmers' Market and evenings so I can teach my pottery students. Lots of help, planning and determination. Oh, and a small mountain of patience as we all negotiate time swaps! 

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