Monday, July 7, 2014


     We are still not settled into our old routine. We were away for a week at the wedding of racer dave's best friend growing up. It was a super small, very emotional and pretty wedding. The bride actually hand made little gift bags for all the little kids that were going to attend with a bottle of water, crayons, a book about the wedding, a name tag and a tiny story book about 'mr bump'. It was very thoughtful and our little 19 month old was happy to nibble on the food, clap when everyone else clapped and run around in the cooling evening air. He also managed to convince the bartender to play a primitive form of catch where the little guy would chuck the soft (handmade from a sock) ball as far as he could and then run away laughing while the senior guy went to get it and chuck it back.
It just turned hot here which is pretty hard on the locals who enoy a monthly temperature spread of about five degrees the rest of the year. It hit 32 today and we had to go into town for an apointment and decided to walk with a friend. The tot was fine in his sun shielded chariot with the vented top and sides open while we chatted, sweated and walked the pathways and back roads of our little town.  The bike ride into town is always easy (downhill) and the ride home has half a dozen options for hard, really hard, medium and 'chill'. I decided to stick to the pathway and then take the chill hill home to be extra kind to myself in this heat.
The pottery studio has been a bit neglected for a few days as we have been taking in the first big bulk of our yard food. Daddy picked a gallon of black currents which i made into a crisp and three jars of syrup. I made some bbq sauce out of rhubarb today to go along with the baked pork loin. Tot and i picked a basket of peas that we shelled, blanched and froze this morning. 
Tonight was dave's night to have the tot and do the bath and bed routines while i worked in the studio so i decided to glaze some large jugs that I have bisqued before we went on vacation. They look good and have a little splash of extra colour that should melt in nicely in the fire. 
We have been making a lot of headway at the new community pottery centre here in Duncan. We had a fantastic fundraiser and have had several work bees to paint, clean up, hang the chalkboard, strip down the huge old wooden pillars, and plan our next steps. As it turns out, we have stored all of our donated wheels and kilns in a rat infested barn that may have been just the right opportunity to eat all the wiring out of them.......we shall see.
When race dave is in the lake swimming a couple of kilometres, tot and i have been packing up the canoe that i rebuilt for my 30th birthday and doing a peaceful mama and baby paddle around the lake. Race dave then gets out of the water and rides home while i pack the canoe back up to the car (he bought me portage wheels recently) and then tot and I tie it down and drive home. (he mostly tries to stay out of the way....sort of)

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