Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Knit City

That's right! We are going to Knit City!!

Trial By Fire Pottery is packing up all the pots in the studio and taking them on the ferry to the big city for this amazing event on October 4th and 5th. 

I guess that means me. I am going to Vancouver for two reasons, Knit CIty of course and for a vacation with my sisters, three birth sisters and one that married my brother, yes, that means that I am one of 5 children. The youngest, tallest and least like the rest if you were trying to pick us out of a lineup. However, when you get us all together, you will see the gaps in our speech, the exact same grins and the joie-de-vivre that will mean that if you are at the coffee shop table beside ours-- you willl conclude it'd be best to laugh along or at least smile as you take your coffee to go:)
**dead sexy little mug** (sorry it's sold)

I have been making small batchs of knitting bowls, some plain and some a bit more extravagant, some with the swirly slot for your wool to easily pull from, the dedicated smooth round opening that means you're committed to the ball and the plain elegant ones without holes. They will be in my whole colour pallett and with my careful attention to detail that has brought back the repeat customers these last ten years.
**photo of a dinner set that i made as ordered for a repeat customer in whiterock**

I have made taller ones for those who like to place their knitting standing up with the ball tucked away  underneath, away from the evil gaze of the family pet, and lower wider bottomed ones for those that knit right out of the machine balled wool that feeds from the inside and needs room to lie down. 
**photo of jugs, special order sushi bowls and taller knitting bowls**

I was encouraged to join the event when I saw that there were two other artists from the Cowichan Valley going as well, and woudn't you know it; we all know each other! Small world of artisans here in the land of afordable homes and giant gardens full of food.
**photo of my DAILY (?!!?!) haul of volounteer (unplanted/free range) tomatoes, after i filled the freezer, dehydrated a zillion, made pizza sauce X10, made traditional italian "conserva" aka tomatoe paste X10 I also managed to trade them for a case of peaches, some children's books, goodwill and several hugs, honestly though now i am looking forward to having the plants die off**

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  1. Looking forward to being booth mates at Knit City! Erynn www.twistedfaefibreworks.com