Sunday, March 1, 2015

Photos and thoughts in the studio(s)

It has been such a beautiul winter here on Vancouver Island. We have been having the most lovely warm days and strangely frosty nights. I have been trying to balance out my two teaching evenings at the Clay HUB Collective Studio in Cowichan Station and my own precious studio. 

I have started to make travel mugs after we found some very challenging and clever ones while travelling last summer. Racer Dave bought one and has been using it and I started making testers as I sorted out the order for the steps. They are really tricky so I have been putting them away wrapped so they dry unbelievable slowly. There are clays that are thrown, slabbed, pulled and cut so the slow drying time helps the clay cooperate. I have also found a couple of sources of corks for the cleaning hole and some different hole cutters. 

I have also been at the HUB { } doing the reclaiming, shelf washinf, laundry, kiln work, grand opening (and all the follow up) and really enoying it. I am definately motivated by a little checkmark on my list or a little gold star beside my chores. It is such a wonderful place for folks to share clay and time. I hosted a training and clean up day last sunday for people who would like to become studio volounteer monitors.

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