Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Simple pots

It is neat to pack up pots that I have made these days as I am unable to really make any with my big belly:) 

I asked a friend to stop by and let our little ones play together while she packed up my tubs for the carft fair this weekend. Who does that?? It was so kind of her to take time to help me and I am humbled by her gift of time. 

Not much walking on the pathways (that we adore) these days but we will be back out there soon enough.
My solo show is November 21st and 22nd at the HUB on Koksilah Road. Hubby is packing the show and setting up as much as possible and we will be open 10-5 both days. I have decided to reduce the prices for this season as I am taking some time away from my tiny pottery studio while I care for our new infants and my amazing "babybuilding" body. This way I can start fresh when I am able to get back down there once the little ones are all napping  together enough!! 
The HUB is found where Bench Road and Koksilah Road meet. There will be plenty of large "pottery show" signs again this year so we should be easy to find and the building is only a few minutes south of Duncan. 

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