Friday, July 29, 2016

New House, New Plans

We have successfully moved out to Cowichan Bay and into a new routine. I am making a few pots here and there but mostly I spend my time working with the relentless twin schedule. I have been up all but two nights since December of last year ( it's July) and still have to be awake and parenting our three year old by 7 am.  
The new home has a fully operational pottery studio rebuilt from deconstructed reused studio equipment from my last space and a brand new shiny kiln shed. There have been little bursts of pottery related effort and I still have a list of pots that folks have asked for but the studio has slowed down to a glacial pace. 
I have not been able to attend the Farmers' Market in July but should be back in August with a few pots.
Some are skeptical. 

Feel free to call for an appointment to pop by the new studio.


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  2. I wish the health of your family) I'd say a new house, new plans, a new life...For me, this same became equal to the expression "new job". Also I moved Woodland Hills and for a long time I couldn't get used to the climate, and because I have now new colleagues and office, the house is different and the street is different. But as a whole, I got accustomed to half a year, and now I am really happy that I decided to move.

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