Monday, January 2, 2017

The Nest Collective. My (Graceful) Pottery Studio Evolution

It is time to change. I suppose it is always time to change but now is time for a large change for my tiny pottery shop. I have been making pots since 1996 (when I graduated high school and dinosaurs roamed the earth ie: there were no cell phones....) Hubby and I moved to the Island in 2006 and I started to make pottery for my livelihood selling mostly at the Duncan Farmers' Market with a slow gathering of regular customers and students that would come to the studio. 

So much has changed since those early days with totally endless studio time. I have gotten a lot more disciplined both in the pots that I throw and in the way I use time. I have a 4 year old and twin 1 year olds that are a huge part of my every day life. We also moved out to Cowichan Bay in the spring and LOVE it here. 

With so much change comes more change. During the first year of being a mom to twins, I took a huge step back from making pottery. Not so much as a choice but simple time management dictated this. When we moved, I set up a brand new studio and kiln shed (reusing the old materials) and I was able to find the time to prepare for one craft fair and my first open studio (10th annual Christmas sale) which were both a wonderful break from the day-to-day at home. 

The studio time was refreshing and sweet for my soul. It makes me a better mother and wife. As our new time opportunities begin to shine through, we are planning out this year and have come to a few conclusions. I need to use the Saturday time for making pottery instead of being at the Farmers' Market. I am able to sneak away a few times a week during the twins' nap or later in the evenings but a bigger block of time is needed to do larger jobs like loading the kiln or glazing a batch of pots. 

The big announcement is this. I have been accepted to join the The Nest Collective as a partner artisan!! I have signed a contract for a space and will have my pottery availlable there for the year. I know it will be a huge change for all my customers and I think it will be an excellent one. 
The Nest Collective is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm and is loaded with really neat artisan booths that are stuffed with vintage treasures and original art. I have rented a booth at the bottom of the stairs and encourage everyone to stop in and have a look at their leisure. Take Bench Road if you're heading southbound on the highway then follow the frontage road around to Whippletree or take the exit to Whippletree just after Koksilah Road if you're heading northbound on the highway. My official start date is February 1st but I have been working on getting all set up as soon as my time will allow.....twins;)

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