Friday, May 26, 2017

Tony Clennell Workshop June 17 and 18 in Cowichan at the HUB

Hi Everyone! 

I will be the host for a two day workshop with Tony here at our beloved Clay HUB Collective in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. I am looking forward to it and I wanted to share the information here but the best source is to go the where you can sign up via email to 

There will be a potluck here at my home on the Saturday evening 6-9 and a "no-holds-barred" critique with this master pottery who has given workshops all over the world, so if you bring your best pot to show him he can give you some feedback:) 
Should prove to be an amazing workshop and (not to worry) I have hired a babysitter for the kids so there won't be two 1.5 year olds under foot or a 4 year old riding his bike through the HUB studio;)

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