Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer 2017 Studio Plan

I wanted to post the plan for my studio for the summer so folks looking for me at the Duncan Farmers' Market would have the info to easily find me. And perhaps find that perfect handmade wedding gift or funky coffee mug that is sturdy enough to drag out into the garden or give to their dad. 

I will be putting fresh pots into my display at the NEST every two weeks. The shop is at Whippletree Junction just south of Duncan on the highway. Turn left onto Bench Road if you're heading south and turn right on the exit just north of Koksilah Road if you're headed north. Our lovely artisan collective is open 10-5 every day! 

I have had a little display of 5 mugs at Coffee on the Moon for almost 10 years and that will continue. Just a note here that the owner doesn't take any money off the art sold and hung in his coffee shop! 

I will be in the studio on the weekends and most evenings so if you need a special gift you can always email me or call me and set up an appointment. These evening studio times are my making time so I will have lots of fresh pots for the fall and will not be so pressed for firing time as the fall shows start up. 

(PS the super funky jug will not likely survive to get into the kiln...)
Trimming the 'squared' baking dishes by hand before building the handles on them.
Freshly thrown wet bakers on 12 inch batts.
Night studio shot.

Dinner set work headed to Vancouver.
Travel mugs all glazed and ready to carry around to the kiln.
Priced, tagged and ready for the Nest Collective.
A very rare two of a kind.
Plate set for a customer who took them to New Zealand with her.
My display at the Nest Collective at Whippletree Junction.
I spend Saturdays in the studio and when I come up for lunch, this is what hubby has made the kids and I to eat:) The twins are 18 months old and Ethan is 4. Dad is a grown up so we don't need to count his age in months. 

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