Monday, December 11, 2017

December 2017

The rush of the craft fair season is behind me now and I am focussed on getting the books done for the Clay HUB Collective before our year end closure. The open studio show here went well (it didn't snow either:)  and it was nice to meet new people who haven't been to see my pottery and studio yet. 

I am around doing chores and finishing a dinner set order for a fellow village resident so if you need a pot (that is already made) the best way to browse is to head over to the Nest Collective. If you don't see what you want you can email and we can sort out time to visit the studio. Having said that, I am busy with the kids/school run/chickens/meals/laundry/hub books etc most of the time from 5am until 1030pm ;). 
I am teaching at the Clay HUB in January but there are only 2 spots left in the Monday class and 3 left in the Thursday class. These are 8 week sessions and there will be another run of them starting in April with the April Thursday class being a 10 weeker:)
We are heading outside as much as we can as long as we take a box of tissue each....

Happy Christmas,

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