Sunday, November 25, 2018

Christmas Open House December 1st and 2nd, 2018 ~10am to 5pm~

We are almost ready for the 12th annual Christmas Show.....

George Road in Cowichan Bay. Easiest to find us off Wilmot if you're coming out of the Bay and turn onto Koksilah then Wilmot if you're coming off the highway.

  When I started out in 2006, I put a sign at the end of the driveway and put out my tent and two tables and sold exactly one pot!! Of course, one might want to advertise a bit more widely;) but it was an interesting day of folks wanting to step inside the studio and seeing how I made pots. My studio was then (for 9 years) 8 1/2 feet wide by 11 1/2 feet long with the entire one wall a window. It held an old Estrin wheel that was so loud Dave looked for a new one for several long years. I threw pots in there, dried in the same damp shelf that I still use, trimmed/handled/dried etc in there and fired in the carport. It meant that I carried pots out onto shelves beside the kiln, loaded and fired--simply hoping no one was going to either touch the red hot kiln or report that the carport was glowing red! 

  Fast forward to the many years that I rented the Clements Centre and (we) hauled all the pots to the community centre and had the show there. It is a lovely place that helps everyone that comes through their doors and I was happy to be there. Dave would go out on the Saturday morning before dawn and put signs all over town in the frosty grass. The building got a regular rentor for Sundays so that excluded me and my little show. 

 Next, I rented the Mercury Theatre for a few years. It was such a pretty venue and most years the show went well. It was also a really good workout because I had to haul the pottery tubs up several stairs to get to the large wooden hall. The last time there, it ice rained the night before so the entire city was crazy slippery--almost no one came to the show and it was very difficult to pack up the show into the van because of the ice. But, better luck next year, I always think:)

  These past several years that we have been in Cowichan Bay, I have opened my humble garage studio to the public and had so many lovely folks come out! Dave still volounteers to put out all the signs at the crack of dawn in the wet weather. It has been a really nice time to meet a bit more random public than usually signs up for my classes or regularly attends my other outlets. 

  This year, I have a beautiful, bright, new studio and will host the open house both Saturday and Sunday, December 1st and 2nd from 10-5pm. The studio door is around the north side of the house (the side closest to the ocean) and I will be doing throwing demonstrations as much a possible throughout the weekend. 

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  1. I’d like to come but I haven’t been able to find an address for your studio.