Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Hi Everyone,

I have decided to close the studio for the next few weeks. I will run the last three classes for the February/March groups once things have settled down a bit. I will send an email directly to each of those students and make arrangements directly.

I have had several folks pay for the next round of classes that were going to start April 21st. The start date of these classes will be postponed so I can accommodate those that were cancelled due to the social distancing and home stay advice that the health folks are requiring of all of us. Let me know if you would prefer a refund and I will pop that in the mail for you.

In other news, I finally have the wire and connectors to rebuild my kiln!! So excited to get this work done. Once the kiln is working again, I will fire all the back up of lovely pots you have all made:)

Some random advice worth what you're about to pay for it;)

Stay home out there.
Stay classy san diego
Stay a safe distance from others if you have to get supplies.
Wash your hands.
Don't touch your face--seeeeee--even saying that makes me touch my face--
Offer to drop food off for a home isolating neighbour.
Go for a walk around your neighbourhood to keep up your spirits.
Keep away from others but smile and wave LOTS!
Ask for help. We all need it.
Please don't go to the hospital unless you call first and are sick enough to need help.
I am keeping my kids away from others.
Hubby is going to work at the hospital every day~enough said.
I am going to mend a whole bunch of clothes, should be fun~maybe try that.
I will finish some knitting projects so I can donate them to the hospital auxiliary once this pandemic storm blows over.
Reach out to health care providers ON THE PHONE.
Any health appointments may be cancelled (like my surgery that would have been Monday)
I look forward to getting the studio back to normal and inviting you all back:)

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