Tuesday, April 14, 2020

New Unusual Normal

Well, here is the outline for the next few weeks. I have finally received my new Euclid kiln and she's up and running.
I have named her Raven.
I can glaze enough student pots and load and fire around 3 times a week.

I have trimmed and bisque fired all the pots that folks were working on when the music stopped. I have sent photos out and most of my students have let me know what glazes they would like me to put on their pots. I will work through the back log that built up when my original kiln was unable to operate properly since November. Thanks for your patience with these technical difficulties.

I have sent home many pots in the last few days and will let everyone know when I have fired your pots. There is a wooden crate at the end of my driveway where I have been putting the packaged pottery that is ready for pick up. You will receive an email when your pots are ready and your name will be on the package.

In the coming days, i will start to make my own work in the few precious minutes that i can find away from my 3 small kids. I will be posting on insta gram when I have fresh work but for now I need to focus on my roles as wife (to someone who goes to the local hospital everyday) and mother  and home teacher and amateur barber and meal/grocery planner and chef and family mental health support worker and janitor and produce gardener and chicken wrangler and fitness enthusiast and ecowarrior and domestic science educator and house handy-person.

Now i will take a deep breath and get back to it. Besides, I finished my coffee and i need to get the kids dressed. Feel free to call me anytime to review your pots and glazes and i can usually walk through the process with you--or make an appointment to focus on you:)