Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Here's the Plan To Re-open in June 2020

As you all know, I keep a VERY clean studio. With the remaining small risk of each of us sneezing Covid19 onto each other during the class, I have made some changes to the process.

1] Everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times in the studio. We are unable to keep 2 metres apart while in class. I’m asking everyone to bring and wear their own. (if you drop it in the mud pail and it’s unwearable—I will have a few home made ones here)

2] Everyone will be required to leave all personal belongings in a crate outside the door before entering the studio. There will be a crate for each of you and if you need a water break you can step outside for some fresh air and water then put your mask back on and come back in—then wash your hands before touching anything.

3] The classes will end at 8:15, you will dump/scrape your square tub and your wheel pan, wipe your tools and pile everything on the counter.

4] Each person will have their own spray bottle and stack of rags to clean up around your wheel

5] Wash the clay off your hands and write a fresh sticky note for each pot you would like to work on further. I will have a pen and sticky note stack for each of you.

6] Last thing is to wash your hands with soapy water, dry with a fresh rag and leave the studio..

7] Remove apron outside and place in laundry basket, collect your personal things from your crate and leave. (if you borrowed a studio mask—take it off outside with your apron and put it all in the basket)

This is going to be weird at first so I will HAPPILY, immediately issue you a refund if you are not totally comfortable with the current class. Just say so.

Increased cleanliness plan:
I will have spray cleaner in the bathroom and extra rags in there and you will be expected to wipe things down if you go in there and take off your mask.
I will also be washing everything that could be touched in my studio after each class.
I will add a hot soapy water wash to the last step of the clean up of tools and everything will air dry.
I will no longer have my kids run into the studio to say goodnight.
I will pick tools and have them in the yellow baskets on the wheels prior to class time.
I will be cleaning the studio and bathroom before class times and after class.
I will remove everything that I possibly can to streamline the cleaning process.

Having said all of that, you are some of my favourite humans and I trust that you all have solid judgement. I trust that you will let me know if there are gaps in my clean plan. I also deeply trust that you would not come into my home if you were ill or had been exposed to the virus.

Next steps:
I will post the class schedule for June as soon as we have booked our camping reservations. Thank you for your patience and understanding for the last 2 months!!