Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Here's the Plan To Re-open in June 2020

As you all know, I keep a VERY clean studio. With the remaining small risk of each of us sneezing Covid19 onto each other during the class, I have made some changes to the process.

1] Everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times in the studio. We are unable to keep 2 metres apart while in class. I’m asking everyone to bring and wear their own. (if you drop it in the mud pail and it’s unwearable—I will have a few home made ones here)

2] Everyone will be required to leave all personal belongings in a crate outside the door before entering the studio. There will be a crate for each of you and if you need a water break you can step outside for some fresh air and water then put your mask back on and come back in—then wash your hands before touching anything.

3] The classes will end at 8:15, you will dump/scrape your square tub and your wheel pan, wipe your tools and pile everything on the counter.

4] Each person will have their own spray bottle and stack of rags to clean up around your wheel

5] Wash the clay off your hands and write a fresh sticky note for each pot you would like to work on further. I will have a pen and sticky note stack for each of you.

6] Last thing is to wash your hands with soapy water, dry with a fresh rag and leave the studio..

7] Remove apron outside and place in laundry basket, collect your personal things from your crate and leave. (if you borrowed a studio mask—take it off outside with your apron and put it all in the basket)

This is going to be weird at first so I will HAPPILY, immediately issue you a refund if you are not totally comfortable with the current class. Just say so.

Increased cleanliness plan:
I will have spray cleaner in the bathroom and extra rags in there and you will be expected to wipe things down if you go in there and take off your mask.
I will also be washing everything that could be touched in my studio after each class.
I will add a hot soapy water wash to the last step of the clean up of tools and everything will air dry.
I will no longer have my kids run into the studio to say goodnight.
I will pick tools and have them in the yellow baskets on the wheels prior to class time.
I will be cleaning the studio and bathroom before class times and after class.
I will remove everything that I possibly can to streamline the cleaning process.

Having said all of that, you are some of my favourite humans and I trust that you all have solid judgement. I trust that you will let me know if there are gaps in my clean plan. I also deeply trust that you would not come into my home if you were ill or had been exposed to the virus.

Next steps:
I will post the class schedule for June as soon as we have booked our camping reservations. Thank you for your patience and understanding for the last 2 months!! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

New Unusual Normal

Well, here is the outline for the next few weeks. I have finally received my new Euclid kiln and she's up and running.
I have named her Raven.
I can glaze enough student pots and load and fire around 3 times a week.

I have trimmed and bisque fired all the pots that folks were working on when the music stopped. I have sent photos out and most of my students have let me know what glazes they would like me to put on their pots. I will work through the back log that built up when my original kiln was unable to operate properly since November. Thanks for your patience with these technical difficulties.

I have sent home many pots in the last few days and will let everyone know when I have fired your pots. There is a wooden crate at the end of my driveway where I have been putting the packaged pottery that is ready for pick up. You will receive an email when your pots are ready and your name will be on the package.

In the coming days, i will start to make my own work in the few precious minutes that i can find away from my 3 small kids. I will be posting on insta gram when I have fresh work but for now I need to focus on my roles as wife (to someone who goes to the local hospital everyday) and mother  and home teacher and amateur barber and meal/grocery planner and chef and family mental health support worker and janitor and produce gardener and chicken wrangler and fitness enthusiast and ecowarrior and domestic science educator and house handy-person.

Now i will take a deep breath and get back to it. Besides, I finished my coffee and i need to get the kids dressed. Feel free to call me anytime to review your pots and glazes and i can usually walk through the process with you--or make an appointment to focus on you:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Hi Everyone,

I have decided to close the studio for the next few weeks. I will run the last three classes for the February/March groups once things have settled down a bit. I will send an email directly to each of those students and make arrangements directly.

I have had several folks pay for the next round of classes that were going to start April 21st. The start date of these classes will be postponed so I can accommodate those that were cancelled due to the social distancing and home stay advice that the health folks are requiring of all of us. Let me know if you would prefer a refund and I will pop that in the mail for you.

In other news, I finally have the wire and connectors to rebuild my kiln!! So excited to get this work done. Once the kiln is working again, I will fire all the back up of lovely pots you have all made:)

Some random advice worth what you're about to pay for it;)

Stay home out there.
Stay classy san diego
Stay a safe distance from others if you have to get supplies.
Wash your hands.
Don't touch your face--seeeeee--even saying that makes me touch my face--
Offer to drop food off for a home isolating neighbour.
Go for a walk around your neighbourhood to keep up your spirits.
Keep away from others but smile and wave LOTS!
Ask for help. We all need it.
Please don't go to the hospital unless you call first and are sick enough to need help.
I am keeping my kids away from others.
Hubby is going to work at the hospital every day~enough said.
I am going to mend a whole bunch of clothes, should be fun~maybe try that.
I will finish some knitting projects so I can donate them to the hospital auxiliary once this pandemic storm blows over.
Reach out to health care providers ON THE PHONE.
Any health appointments may be cancelled (like my surgery that would have been Monday)
I look forward to getting the studio back to normal and inviting you all back:)

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

End of April + May Pottery Wheel Classes in Cowichan Bay

The classes, in this end of April + May session, will be 6 weeks long and $180. Classes are very small (max. 4) so if you want to sign up for one, you're welcome to email me or call me to arrange a time to pop in the studio and pay for the spot you want before it fills up:) 

I do not hold or reserve classes and they are sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

There won't be a class this session on Monday evenings.

Tuesday evenings 
April 21/28 + May 5/12/19/26
1) sold SS
2) sold YF

Wednesday evenings
April 22/29 + May 6/13/20/27

Thursday evenings
April 23/30 + May 7/14/21/28
1) interested AZ
2) interested AP
3) interested KC

Saturday mornings 
April 18/25 + May2/9/ *closed Victoria Day long weekend*/23/30
1) interested EC
2) interested MA

email: trialbyfirepottery@hotmail.com
phone: two five zero seven ten eight seven five eight
insta gram: trial_by_fire_pottery

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Spring Class Schedule FEB/MAR/APR

Here are the classes available for the spring. This round is 6 weeks long for $180. Classes held Monday to Friday are 6:30pm to 8:30pm plus a bit of clean up time.

##this session of classes are sold out## please see the next round of classes that start late April

Saturday classes are mornings from 9am to11am. There is no skipped day for the Saturday class.

*NOTE* the studio will be closed for the week of March 15th to 20th, 2020.

Mondays SOLD OUT
February 24 + March 2/9/*/23/30 + April 6
1) KP
2) KVD
3) CB
4) NM

February 25 + March 3/10/*/24/31 + April 7
1) SS
2) AY (teaching assistant)
3) DG
4) full

Wednesdays SOLD OUT
February 26 + March 4/11/*/25 April 1/8
1) JM
2) S
3) K
4) T

Thursdays SOLD OUT
February 27 + March 5/12/*/26 + April 2/9
1) full + make ups
2) SY
3) CS
4) RF

Saturday mornings SOLD OUT
February 29 + March 7/14/21/28 + April 4
1) DrB
2) SR
3) EC
4) TdP

If you would like to take a class in this session, you can send an email to trialbyfirepottery---at---hotmail.com  and send an etransfer for the class fee. You are also welcome to make an appointment to drop by the studio and pay for a class in person. Classes are not reservable but fill up on a first-come first-served basis.

two five zero seven ten eight seven five eight if you would like to call or text me.

---------------------For June, I will be hosting a concentrated session. 6 classes over 3 weeks. You would sign up for the Monday/Thursday set June 8/11/15/18/22/25 bringing you here twice a week, or the Tuesday/Friday set June 9/12/16/19/23/26 also twice a week. ------------------more info soon--

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Pottery Studio Open House December 6/7 2019

Getting excited for the 14th annual open house. Thanks for coming to the website to find the details!
The studio is open from 4pm to 8pm on Friday December 6th.
On the Saturday, December 7th, we are open from 9am to 5pm.
Regular priced work is 10% off and there are displays of pots that are under $20 and under $10. 

I have lots of beautiful mugs and stunning large bowls that make elegant gifts. The open house is my opportunity to release many pots that are slightly flawed and priced to find a new home:) The studio is at 4 6 9 5 George Road, in Cowichan Bay. Please consider parking along Wilmot as our little rural road is not wide enough to park along. 

IF YOU BRING A FRIEND WITH YOU, BOTH OF YOU RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT:) (remember to let me know/remind me when you check out) 

Monday, November 25, 2019

January/February Classes 6 weeks

January classes are below for you to sign up. These are small pottery classes in a delightfully clean studio in Cowichan Bay. The pottery wheel classes host up to 4 people and are very fun and welcoming while also providing an interesting challenge.  This round of new year classes are 6 weeks long. The class fee includes clay, tools, aprons, bisque firing, glaze and glaze firing for $180. 
Gift certificates for classes can be arranged:)  
See bottom of post for contact info.

Mondays 6:30pm to 8:30pm 
January 6/13/20/27 + February 3/10
1) sold EM
2) sold C
3) sold AS
Tuesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm 
January 7/14/21/28 + February 4/11
1) sold SS
2) sold DG
3) sold AY
4) sold LV
Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm 
January 8/15/22/29 +February 5/12
1) sold KC
2) sold LS
3) sold MD
4) soldT
Thursdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm 
January 9/16/23/30 + February 6/13
1) sold gift certificate (W)
2) sold RF
3) sold PD

Saturday mornings 9am to 11am 
January 11/18/25 + February 1/8/15
1) sold JA
2) sold+1 JA
3) sold EC
4) sold L
To register for the January classes, email with an etrasfer or folks can pop by the studio and pay in person:) ~~~trialbyfirepottery**at**hotmail.com~~~ or call me at two five zero, seven ten, eight seven five eight 

I am away for a bit camping in March with the whole crew for school spring break, so when the JanFeb classes wrap up, we will take a break. When we get started up again in March, there will be some scattered starts and some work arounds for other family vacation etc.  I have taken to posting photos and updates on Insta Gram so if you're wondering what I've been up to, check out:  trial_by_fire_pottery on there.