Friday, July 26, 2019

Autumn Classes
All classes are in the evening from 630pm to 830pm with some clean up time. The class fee includes clay, tools, aprons and towels. Glaze and firing fees are also included in the cost of the class.

6 Mondays $180
September 30
October 7/14/21/28 (includes thanksgiving day)
November 4
*one sold EM
*one sold AS
*one sold LV
1 open

6 Wednesdays $180
September 25th
October 2/9/16/23/30
*sold LS
interested CK
*one sold LF
interested KB

6 Thursdays $180
September 26th
October 3/10/17/24/31 (includes halloween)
*one sold KA
*one sold DK
2 spots open

You are able to sign up for a class with an email and an etransfer to trialbyfirepottery**at** You can also text or call me at: two five zero seven ten eight seven five eight. The first people to pay for a class take that class and I try to accommodate work schedules as best i can.

I am on insta gram under trial_by_fire_pottery and on fakebook under Hilary Huntley of you'd like to check out some studio photos:)

Winter Classes will be posted in September at will run for 5 Mondays, 4 Wednesdays and 4 Thursdays in November and December.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hi everyone, here's the pottery studio plan for July. I am teaching the following scheduled classes below and am open to special events and private lessons as needed.

Tuesday evenings 630-830pm
July 2/9/16/23
4 classes $120  **sold out

Wednesday evenings 630-830pm
July 3/10/17/24
private lesson times available mail or text for a spot:)

Thursday evenings 630-830pm
July 4/11/18/25
4 classes $120  **sold out

AAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDD here's the plan for August:)

The studio will be closed for August other than a few special events booked in advance. I will take fresh pottery to my gallery Imagine That! in Duncan BC before we take some time to enjoy the summer and kids and ocean and fresh air and the death race....

Email me or call me or text me to sign up for a class above or to book a special event/party or private lesson time. trialbyfirepottery*at*hotmail*dot*com and  twofivezero7teneight7fiveeight

Sunday, April 7, 2019

May June Class Schedule

To sign up for a class, you can email or text me and pay via email or stop by with a cheque etc. The classes are very small (max 4 people) so if you want to get a spot its a good idea to let me know :) The studio is in Cowichan Bay in my home and my contact information is below for all the details.

Here are the classes for the May/June session:

5 Mondays May 6/13/27 + June 3/10
*Sold out (E, S, A, K)

6 Tuesdays May 7/14/21/28 + June 4/11
 Sold Out (L,A,N,K)

For the Wednesday evenings in May 1/8/15/22/29 and June 5/12 I will be open to private 1 hour lessons for folks to sign up. In these special blocks, you can sort out and practice specific skills like centring, pulling up a wall or conquering the inner foot-as needed. Email or call to book either the 630-730pm slot or the 730-830pm slot.

The studio is humming along this time of year. Classes are running and gardens are getting plenty of attention and sunshine. I am very happy with the Imagine That! Gallery downtown and will be regularly stocking my space there with fresh work:) I have a big hike planned with my awesome sister in June to look forward to and train for. But, for now, I need to get back into the studio and trim yesterdays huge mugs and pull some handles--then i need to make a fresh 20kg batch of my earthy green glaze.

I had a super fun private party for 4 friends on Friday complete with a potluck and a lot of laughter. I trim and finish those pots then one person comes back to pick up. It's a sweet way to make some time for special friends. Contact me for details:) 

I have fired all the Feb/March student work that was glazed but I still have to get another bisque in there to finish their last pieces before I glaze it all! Our open/drop in glaze nights were fun and all but one person was able to find some time to drop in and finish things up. 

Happy Spring, 
I have been spammed a bit lately so the number is a bit of a challenge:)
You are all very clever and can figure it out!

We are still working on the July and August Classes and I will post them when they are ready:) I am considering an intense workshop style project so if you have any ideas you would like to explore -fire them over to me!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

April Classes are open to sign up

Here are the April classes. If you would like to join us, you can send an email to make sure there is room. The class is yours once you etransfer. I don't hold class spots but if you sign up early you should get a spot *the classes are only 4 people max so they tend to fill up fast.


4 Mondays $120
April 1/8/15/closed for Easter Weekend/29
1 sold (Nancy)
2 sold (B and R)
1 open

5 Tuesdays $150
April 2/9/16/23/30
1 sold (DL) 
1 sold (Cait)
2 open **this class is open for drop ins (text me)

4 Wednesdays $120 **sold out
April 3/10/17/24
2 spots sold (K and D)
1 spot sold (Ann) 
1 spot sold (M)

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

February Class Schedule (closed for the family day long weekend)

Here's the schedule for February and March. The studio will be closed for the family day long weekend **February 15, 16, 17 and 18 for a bit of relaxation time with the kiddos!

Monday Evenings 630pm to 830pm
February 4/11/**/25 + March 4th
4 reserved (Erin/Sage/Ash/Sarah)

Tuesday Evenings 630pm to 830pm
February 5/12/19/26
1 on hold (Steph)
1 on hold (Laura)
1 sold (Caitlin)
1 sold (KB)

Wednesday Evenings 630pm to 830pm
February 6/13/20/27
1 sold (Ilse) 
1 sold (Chloe)
1 sold (way)
1 sold (Ann)

Saturday classes will start back up in April:)

Email me at trialbyfirepottery(at) to sign up and you can e transfer to take a spot in the class you are able to attend. Four classes, each is 2 hours of instruction (plus clean up time) $120 for the session~~this includes clay, tools, aprons etc. 

Thank you for finding me:))

As an aside, we are going to be changing the studio schedule up for March to work with the school spring break. Check back for March details. 

Monday, January 14, 2019


The February classes are up here for you to sign up. 4 folks per class, 4 classes in each session $120 and you can sign up via email and ask any questions you might have that way, too. Private lessons are $35/hour and are on a first booked model. Folks can also text me and see if there is room for a drop in for any of my regular classes:)

It was the first time I have done a gallery set up with the twin 3 year olds and it went pretty well. The studio is full of the most beautiful work and so much of it is local! I am honoured to be sharing the artisan space with so many other talented folks and I'd love it if you could spread the word:) 

Saturday, December 29, 2018

January 2019 Studio Update

Hope everyone enjoyed the festive season! I have been back in the studio after a sweet little break for presents and roast beef:) 

We were on our own again this Christmas except for the 4 (+/-) chickens, 2 cats, 2 dogs and the two 3 year olds and the 6 year old~somehow it was pretty busy.

I have also joined insta gram as trial by fire pottery and am putting up a photo or video once in a while as a sneak inside my tiny world and brand new studio:) 

I have been working on the next steps for my pots once the Nest Gallery in Duncan closes at the end of the year. I have applied to join the Imagine That! artisan gallery downtown and have dropped off 6 pots for their jury process. After making about 16,000 pots since 1996, I am still leery of being rejected on such a soul level and hate the wait. (Of course, the best way to cope is to throw 75 kilos of clay a day:)

I could probably sell on my website (here) but it would be very rudimentary at best. Hubby and I were spitballing ideas and it came up that I could put up a simple photo of a mug with height and weight so that if someone wanted to purchase one they could email the money and I could box it. I sent a package to Prince George in early Decmeber with 2 travel mugs and the shipping was $15~meaning that the 2 mugs at $45 + shipping was $105. Perhaps the world is ready for that, perhaps not. I will give it a try:)

The other big change is that I am trialing the written name of my pottery studio instead of the TBF that I have been adding with coloured clay slip. I will have to fine tune it and fall in love with it but I do like that it is a real handwritten addition and not a laser cut stamp-maybe it will morph into that. As much as I love the old fashioned idea of having a cryptic signature, it make more sense in the Information Age to have something handwritten in stone that one might look up on the Google machine;)

I am still teaching at the HUB in Cowichan Station but my Jan/Feb/Mar class filled up in November this year. I did a special workshop with Quamichan School and assisted them in creating the below primitive style pots. I later fired them, sorted, waxed, glazed and fired them again and they were back out into the world use before the kids went off for Christmas break:) 

January Class Update :)
There are still 2 spots open in January on Tuesday evenings, and one open spot **Saturday is full** on Saturday mornings but with the folks already signed up it covers my new rental obligation~which is very reassuring. I can't wait to meet the new folks!

February Classes

Monday Private lessons
7-8pm taken (td)
8-9pm OPEN
Group Class for up to 4 students 
$120/4 February classes 
Includes clay/tools/rags/etc

Tuesday evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm
Feb. 5/12/19/26

Wednesday evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm
Feb. 6/13/20/27

Saturday Mornings 9am-11am
Feb. 2/9/16/23